Confined - Illustration Friday

I've totally forgotten to show this illustration earlier!

When I saw this IF's theme for the first time I was wondering what I could draw. All my ideas were rather sad, don't know why. So I've decided to look at the topic from a very different point of view and guess what came out of it - me and my Love.

I've started sketching and it appeared that it's time for me to have face again :) sounds weird... I was faceless as my Faceless Faeries since I started showing myself as a girl, not as a bunny. It just suited then to have no face. But something has changed and now it would be somehow wrong.

So here I am with a brand new face :D



  1. What a lovely illustration and post! Very sweet face you've illustrated. Great to see your work again!

  2. it's really really cute!!! great lines and colors, I loved it


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