Latest sketches

Lately I have decided that I need to draw/paint more ladies. Pretty ladies. And those rather realistic ladies too. (there can be a problem with the last one...)

I've started my new resolution with making a pin-up-ish drawing based on an image I've found through google. It's this lady on the right. While making it I felt a bit bored so the next lady (on the left) is purely from my imagination. And it looks shitty :( Must find some other interesting ways to draw pretty ladies.

I have already done 2 tutorials for a .PSD Photoshop magazine and I think it's high time to do another one. I was wondering what an interesting issue or topic I should use to make it more creative. I have even made a list of things I can use as my themes in tutorials:
- pictures stylized on sth (pre-Raphaelite, middle age Icons)
- nude person (it's my sister's idea)
- everyday's magic
- pin up girl
- pretty lady with a big tattoo
- pastiche of an oil painting I love (but there are so many of them to choose from!)

As a warm-up I've designed "Everyday's magic". It shows a girl reading and some little transparent fearies coming out of her book. She is watching one of them floating above her head. It was simple :)


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