Daily Sketch - 1

As I said - Daily Sketches program begins today! The program will last as long as possible because it's a good thing to draw or paint everyday, even if it's only a little sketch. The aim of this program is to discover new ways of creating (that's a big AIM), to keep the stream of the ideas always fast and efficient, to learn how to show simple drawings/paintings in an interesting way and to work on things I always postpone.

Let's start with yesterday's sketch. I made it while having a break in studying to an exam. It's a quicky pin up girl. But I think she's too sexy and not enough SWEET...

And here's today sketch. I did it while waiting on my turn to be examined :D Girl with triangle fringe - I always fought they look good. But not good on me, unfortunately :(

Oh! I've got the top grade from the exam :3


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  1. wowww.. amazing lines, soft and clean... show me sensuality and sweet in the same time..


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