Birthday party

Over a week ago (has it already a week passed?! Unbelievable!) I was on my friend's, Bartosz, birthday party :) It was a first party where so many people came! Quite stunning achievement, I should say, since it's obvious for our 3 (me, Kuba and Bartosz) that we can be accompanied only by Monster Princess, our friend Eve and her sister and sometimes by my sister Kate. Others just don't have time. After a while we didn't even feel the urge to invite anybody else because we knew that noone will appear. However, this time we've decided that due to winter holidays we all have a lot of free time and we can possibly mention that there will be a little (birthday) party going on just after term ends and before everyone goes skiing or sth. And TA-DAAM! Here they came! So many people that I've felt even a bit weird about that :D and surely Bartosz's dog felt weird - he's got all confused and didn't know on who he should bark.

Parties and lazy evenings with my small pack of friends are what I sometimes need the most but it's good to, from time to time, check if you can still talk with people you barely know and have fun while doing it :)

Only one picture good enough to show :D I should contact other girls who had cameras with them then to send me the photos - maybe they'll be easier to stand ;) (from the left: Kuba, me, our friend Eve, Ania and Justyś from our group in school)


When I was going home from the party in the middle of the night I had this odd feeling just when I passed spruces growing near my block of flats. It's hard to describe it but it's easier when you see it...


You can find my friends here:
My sister Kate


  1. zainspirowalas sie Muminkami w lesie ? ;)

  2. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool!


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