Cezanne on they way

A contest was announced in our school a while ago. It's theme was to find out about Cezanne's or The-One-Whose-Name-I-Can-Not-Remember-Though-I've-Tried and create an still life oil painting on canvas inspired by that artist. It hasn't been clearly described if we have to make a work exactly like that artist, using the same techniques and colours or just show the same attitude towards painting still lives as they did. I read three books about Cezanne, his life, works and problems and I went through plenty of reproductions of his paintings. I didn't want to create a work that can be called "pretending to be Cezanne" but something more like "apples and oranges on white cloth" as he did :)

My sister Kate composed a still life for me since I'm shitty in this matter... All the still lives I have ever tried to compose looked so lame :P

Here you can see the process. Colour of the photos were not adjusted in photoshop, I've just cropped them a bit because they showed the tragic mess I had in my room.

I brought the painting to my school today and gave it to the contest organizers. My friend Bartosz also made a painting, Anne from our group too. I think her works (she made two paintings) are the best ^^

I'll make some photos and show them here as soon as the entrants' exhibition will be showed in our school's gallery. Wonder what the judges will decide and what they will take into account while judging.


We've got a hamster! :D He's name is Fryderyk and he's happy to meet you :3


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  1. Życzę powodzenia, bardzo dobry obraz, super ta butelka :) Bartosza dzieła niestety nie widziałem ;p
    Pozdrów Fryderyka ;)


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