Enchanted alley

Long story short - I'm fighting depression. No point in phrasing it differently. I'm on a good path now but there were times which I'd gladly erase from my memory.

Here are illustrations to the book I wasn't able to finish (and lost the whole gig) due to total lack of control over the way my brain works.

And I loved this book. Loved the stories and it hit me hard that I had to give up on them.

Finished+almost finished illustrations:

Unfinished illustrations:

I have lost many things career-wise then. Contacts, commissions, trust. Right now I'm working hard to build it all back again! I'm very positive and have a gang of people who support me :) I can fight now!



  1. Świetne ilustracje- jak zawsze. Najbardziej super ta, na której wieczór wyciąga rączki do pani w nocy (nie wiem jak to inaczej opisać ;) ) bardzo fajny pomysł! i super kolory zachodząego nieba. Z depresją- wiem o czym mówisz... trudno czasem pojąć jak się można czuć tak źle. Trzymam kciuki bardzo mocno!

  2. That's sad to hear :( But also encouraging to read you are back on a positive path. I guess it's hard to fight on when you encounter a throw-back like this. You have enough skill to get back on track and get even better projects!! I wish you all the best :)
    As for the illustrations: I especially like the one with the sleeping prince (his face is so likeable!), the one with the mermaid and the one with the dawn/night-thingy. Lovely!


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