Watercolour workshop - day 2

This time we were painting trees. I like to paint them but all my previous trees were painted with oils or digitally. And surely not by using splashes of paint ;)

How to paint trees with watercolours? Go wild with the paint and water, then add some little leaves and trunks ;)

 It's not finished yet - but I'm quite close to that point!

 Who would have known that sponges are not only for washing oneself ;)

 My sister :)

For now this is my favourite part of the picture - those trunks with a bit of light coming from between of them. They're just awesome :D



  1. Wow your trees look great don't they? I wish I'd had a lesson like that when I went to watercolour classes!
    Jess xx

  2. Thank you :)
    You can make classes on your own - just find a nice picture in the web (not too complicated at first) and then play and play and play with the paint until something interesting comes out of it. For a start you can also find lots of tutorials in the Internet with a step by step presentation of how everything is made.

  3. the second picture is amazing, the color and light feel so intense...!

    1. Leaving a blank paper does that - though it's quite hard to leave it that way for long!


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