Watercolour workshop - day 3

Today I started with finishing previous day's trees.
New topic was a lighthouse which appeared to be very nice! I did not expect that :) I have not finished this painting unfortunately - waiting for the paint to dry before starting with next layers took too long (I've used way too much water in the first layer and then it only got worse with every next one :P).

I was trying very hard to make the paper not wave (because I hate it when it does so). As you can see - one of the paper's edges freed itself from the glue with which it was stack to the rest of the papers and waved anyway. Bad, bad paper!

 While waiting for the layers to dry a bit I was re-designing my Etsy shop's logo and everything connected to it (stickers, business cards, labels, banner, etc.). Hopefully I will get down to it this week and you will be able to see everything in action :D

 I have no idea what I'm doing...

 It starts to look well - but there's still plenty to do! 



  1. the trees with the light are so beautiful! i wish to put more sun into my pictures...

    1. With watercolours it's quite easy to cover up all the white places and make the whole picture look more dull, but masking fluid can help with that problem :)


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