New kitty

My mum got herself a kitty :) It's half a maine coon and it's a cutie.

I'm not really sure if it's a SHE but since it was our first impression, right now she's called Tola. However, I wanted to call her Little My and my Love calls her Bobek (Stinky in a Polish version of 'The Moomins'). If she turns out to be a HE, I think the Bobek name will stay ;)

My cat, on the other hand, is not so happy with this new-cat situation. She stays under a coach most of the time. Wonder how much time will it take for her to get normal again... And I wonder if they will become friends.



  1. juz nie chwal sie nim tak ;P bo ci go zabiore ;P

  2. So damn cute! :3 Oooh, and it's getting biig if it's
    half maine coon XD

  3. @up, taaa! dupa... mój kot też niby jest half maine coon czy tam full maine coon i wcale nie jest duży ani biig ;/


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