From my sketchbook #5

In this part of sketches most of them were made for my DS II works - just jotted some ideas down.

 The first idea for a 'relationship' picture were girls making braids to each other. Oh, and on the top of the page you can also see a hedgehog with his favourite brush :)

 Working on the look of the girls in 'relationship' illustration. Then suddenly a faerie appears! She looks like some kind of a warrior faerie here.

 But here she does not look like that anymore ;) As you can see, at the beginning she was holding a sword - I have no idea from where that match came..

 Here someone is getting prepared for a party. Firstly I wanted her to paint her lips but I thought that adding mascara on lashes is more silly - especially with a mouth always open ;) The cats you can see are first sketches for 2 commissioned cat pictures I'll be making today.

And here are the ideas for the last 4 Daily Sketches. The 'leaf' one I had already clearly pictured in my mind so I just had to decide on the composition. As for 'arcade' I wanted to make something that looked like from an arcade game. And since I already had Faceless Faeries in my mind, then here's what came out of it :) Silly thing, when I got to 'chewing' I thought of chewing a cat ^_^" Some weird stuff is living in my head! The lady at the bottom will be a Daily Sketch II 9 - 'geography'.

Enough for today :) With DSII I make a lot of sketches everyday so soon enough I will show a new bunch of them.


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