Boy's busy day

Yesterday I was working on this little boy's story for the whole day. A publisher has sent me a text some time ago and has told me to try if I fit. Here's my try :)

 Here's the boy and small sketches of illustrations. I liked the idea of him wearing dungarees but it was clearly stated that he had a red sweater on top. Shame :3

 The boy in a sweater. Looks quite cute ^^ You can also see a bigger sketch of the first illustration where he is sleeping and holding his dream by its tail.

 Sketches for the next illustration - the boy is having a bubble bath and playing with a sponge frog and a plastic turtle. It's hard to draw a frog in a different way than the obvious one.

 Final sketches of two first illustrations. 

And here's the third illustration - the boy is holding his mum when she brings him to a kindergarten. I liked the first idea of boy "spreading" across two pages but I was quite sure that, considering publishing rules, the main character should not be not-facing the viewer and should not be on the pages' bend. 

 Final outline of the first illustration. It will stay on the illustration. However, I was not making FINAL illustration - it's only a try to illustrate the story and what I needed was sth that will show the publisher my idea. So if I were to make this book I would make everything once more and looking more fancy and swirly :D

 Second illustration - I have an idea for a better composition in it with the boy being much closer. But this one isn't that bad, is it? 

 The last one. Very simple. I think that the story would have few small illustrations on white pages - like this one and maybe more smaller ones.

And here are finished (but not FINAL) illustrations:

My youngest sister likes them a lot so I think they are initially approved :D



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