Ripple - Illustration Friday

I have finished all my commissioned pieces so I'm free to improve my skills and spend all my time doing only this. My vector works are a bit under-appreciated so I've decided to use IF's weekly themes as a motivation to create something vectorish every week. It's supposed to be rather simple - just to practice and start finding my own style in this medium.

And now let's think where is the ripple in this picture... Hmmm ;) Firstly, the mouse was sitting in a pool and there was only a small ripple on the water. But a position in which she (the mouse) was sitting looked awkward and I changed it into sitting next to a pool and getting suntan. But there still is a ripple there! In her drink! :D


Yesterday I hang my works on an exhibition and today at 6 pm will be the opening of it. I'll take some photos and show them here


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  1. What an adorable mouse! I love the colors you've used. The exhibition pieces look fabulous as well. :)


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