It's still birthday time! :D

A short first story of my brand new coloured pencils is about to come :3

Together with the pencils my <3 gave me a little sketchbook so he also wanted me to draw something, anything, as soon as I've opened my present. And this is it:

We eating pizza. We eat too much of it, I must admit ;)

Later on I've started drawing something more complicated (but without any idea of what it might be). It looks a bit like a weird mermaid for me or a lady from under the water. Don't you think so?

Lovely colours ^^

As I was drawing this water-connected lady my <3 decided he wants to draw something too or, at least, colour something using those new pencils. So I've made a quick outline for him to fill with colours.

Those are we on a party. I was faceless but he decided to add me eyes, nose and mouth. I look odd with a face :P

And when I came back home my sister Zuu gave me a hand-made card. There is Gloom (a pokemon) on it bcause I'm the Gloom when we play together ;)

Słodziuchne ^o^



  1. Wow! I love the mermaid girl! The colours and the freedom of the drawing! Something beautiful! More pics like that ^^. P.S. Are you from Poland maybe?

  2. Bu... Mój poprzedni komentarz nie dotarł, nie wiem czemu. Ta zielona syrena jest cudowna! Dobór kolorów jest świetny, te szczegóły twarzy i "wolność" szaty świetnie ze sobą kontrastują :). Bardzo mi się podoba!

  3. *.* ohh I love sooo much the colours you used on the mermaid! I'm a lot into blue-green these days XD

  4. These are treasures, really! :) Glad you shared them.


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