Picnic number 2

Some time ago, just before August started, I and the Monster Princess have organized a little picnic, as we did it last summer and had a lot of fun. This time our picnic was bigger (including two blankets - not one) and I think that next year we will make it even bigger ^^

First Papa Smurf came :D

Then we:

Then Bartosz. He already knew papa Smurf before, they are in the similar age ;P

Then came my sister Kate and her boyfriend, Łukasz (Luke). Here Kate was disappointed in the way Monster Princess "opened" her banana ;P silly face she did then ;]

Don't know why but usually we take a photo of our feet at the end of meetings like this. It sounds quite weird :3 But what it would be like without even a tiny bit of weirdness every day :D

Wait a year and I'll show you next picnic photos :3


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