Little mess

Lately I feel like I've been very very busy. Don't know if that's really true or if that's only a feeling. Still, it is true that I'm looking for a job very hard. I've sent a lot of CVs and I've got tired walking to and fro from one advertising agency to another publishing house.

I always thought that finding a job is not that hard if you can do something worthy. I still think so. Therefore, I don't stop drawing and painting because, maybe, one of the thing I create now may give me a job. The most important thing is to stay optimistic and keep on working on oneself.

And this is how my desk looks just right now :D I'm going to draw something one of the publishers requires to show them if you're willing to work for them :3

Keep your fingers crossed for me and maybe I'll have a fancy job soon :3


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  1. don't you EVER give up!
    You are a great artist, I love all your illustration, and the fact that you don't find now a job is not becouse your work it doesn't worth.. but I guess becouse of the economic crises... a lot of people find a job very hard now, and a lot are fired.
    Good luck!


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