From my sketchbook #3

Sometimes there's no time to even take out my notebook during work and sometimes it's like the best day and moment for drawing (and all those customers are so not welcome :P). Here's what appeared in my notebook lately:

Sketch for the 'perennial' IF topic. Usually I don't make sketches because the idea is clear in my head. Well, I can make more of them but they would look exactly the same.

Started drawing girls again, it's such a pleasant subject. Girls with tattoos especially :)

 And sexy girls.

 And of course beautiful and romantic-looking girls. Dreamers. Oh yes, that's what I like the most *nods*

 Here's a sketch for the newest IF picture (look at the previous blog post). Again - I had the idea in my mind and no matter how many sketches I would do the concept would not change. So I've done only one sketch. Plus a mood scene of a parent and a child ;)

Oh, that's a very important thing because those are sketches of my earrings-to-be. For sell on Etsy of course :) cats cats cats *__*


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