Skinny - Illustration Friday

The more you catch, the more you eat.

I'm so unhappy with this picture :( I've tried a different type of paper and it appeared to be so shitty I've just felt like crying. I've thought even of abandoning this work and starting it all over again on a decent paper but.. well... I've been wondering how much more work you have to apply to make an image on shitty paper look good. The answer: shitty paper makes your works shitty, it's contagious!

To erase my bad memories and wash away the trauma I've bought myself a very expensive paper (at least it's expensive in Poland, god damn it!) :D I've bought Arches Aquarelle cold pressed, grain fin block and I'm in love it it! What's more interesting - I haven't tried it yet :D But I LOOOVE the texture of it, I could touch it all day long and never get bored.
I have 2 planned illustrations which I'll make on this paper but, because of its expensiveness, I'm a bit afraid I will spoil those beautiful sheets of paper.. A bit of silliness never killed anybody :3 Still, I have to buy a turquoise watercolour before - so this will have to wait till Monday at least!


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  1. This is so cute, and one of them is eating very well! :)


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