Muddy - Illustration Friday

I hoped to do it on time but, somehow, I'm 2 weeks too late :D well... it happens!

The theme is (was) 'muddy' and the first thing I've thought about has been a cow in a mud. Quite obvious (thank god, it's not a pig! :D) but then I've decided that the title of this piece will be "Muddy Milk". And now it's not that obvious ;] Because you don't know which milk can get muddy.

Well... how do you think? :)

And I've made a sketch to check the colours! Amazing! *^__^* It happens so rarely I'm quite thrilled!

I have to add that this work has been the first one to be made on an Arches paper I've bought recently. The paper is amazing. Full stop. However its price makes me sad because I'd happily throw out all other papers I have and work only on this one :3 But I'll have to wait till I get rich and famous, I guess...



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