New Year's Resolutions

Last year I said that resolutions are stupid and it's better to DO things rather just talk about doing them. But this year a lot of things will happen and my life will change dramatically - I finish my university and I have no idea, at the moment, what will happen then. So this time it's better to have plans to which I can stick if times get worse.

1. Finish school on time with a satisfying grade (only best grades satisfy me ;P)
2. Get my watercolour pieces to a higher level (composition, colours and lines are the main point to focus on).
3. Work on details more.
4. Spend more time on each work; think what exactly I want to achieve.
5. Start writing children's stories.
6. And show the 3rd one somewhere for people to read.
7. Never miss a chance of showing my works.
8. Become professional.
9. Learn something new and innovative (about what I don't know right now and what will suddenly appear).
10. Get driving licence.
11. Find a proper job (so I can illustrate without any financial-connected stress).
12. Visit some place I have never been before.

Let's go and make those resolutions come true!


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