Personal Thursday #8 and #9 - Cooking time

During those two Thursdays I did not create anything personal (though created lots of commercial stuff) - I did however cook a bit. Have I ever mentioned that I really enjoy cooking? :)
I don't really like to make basic food and all those Polish dishes that we eat on and on, in every home, every week, always the same - kurczak, schabowe, mielone, pierogi (oh I love them), kopytka, rosół, pomidorowa, ogórkowa and all the rest. I like cooking things that are weird or that take a lot of time to do, things that you don't really have time to do during the week. Or sweets. Oh, those sweets I could bake them everyday :D

So during Thursday #8 I made (together with my Love - it's his hobby too) those delicious stuffed shells.

Gosh, they were amazing. They took about... I don't know.. 2 years (?!) to make but it was totally worth it.

We've changed the recipe a bit because on that day there was a national holiday and all shops were closed. So for the stuffing we've used not only ricotta but a mix of ricotta, Camembert and standard cheese.

So if you have a whole day to spare - I recommend! My family was delighted :)

During Thursday #9 I was getting ready for my littlest sister's birthday party - spooky themed (she was born on 31st September). She has found somewhere on the web an idea for muffins changed into graves. They were quite fun to do :D

But since we were not supposed to eat them and I was in a really big need to eat sweets I also made those cute cupcakes.

They were sugar flavoured with sugar icing - exactly what I needed :)

I think I could share here some of other interesting recipes I've tried and recommend, why not? :)


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