From my sketchbook #13

This week I've got a bit more sketches to show (+ plenty of super sketchy sketches in which only I can see some sense; they are not here).

 First I started with drawing myself as I warm up, then suddenly an idea for last week's Illustration Friday topic 'haunt' popped into my mind. I have not done anything more with it since. But who knows what I'll be doing on my Personal Thursday... :3

 Here's a set of Purr's sketches. I've named them 'Purr in college' ;)

 And here are few drawings I've done for a secret project I'm working on right now. Can't wait for the process to move a bit further than sketches!



  1. Really nice sketches! Love all of them, especially the "Purr in college" sketches, and wish you good luck (and good work) for your secret project :)

  2. I love especially the kitties :)

  3. I love looking at sketchbooks. I'm fascinated by the process that leads to the finished drawings. I tend to draw a lot of mine without any warm up but maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and experiment? :)
    Jess x

    1. For some projects making many sketches is not very needed but constant drawing ideas as such is important. For me it's vital because it makes my creativity blooming + I have all those brilliant ideas jotted down here and there and they won't get lost in my messy mind. Chris Oatley talks a lot about the importance of sketching http://chrisoatley.com/ and what he says really makes sense so stop by and read when you'll have a bit of time :)Start with this one --> http://chrisoatley.com/gustav-klimt-drawings/

  4. Nice sketches ^^ I love the cats and the kids!


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