Marcel and Luna

Custom pet portraits are back. You can find them in my Etsy shop (^・ω・^ )

Here are the latest ones I did for Natasha and Kristin.

(scanner ate all the blues as usual, but as my professor once said - traditional art should be viewed in galleries and on walls, not through a monitor's screen)



Enchanted alley

Long story short - I'm fighting depression. No point in phrasing it differently. I'm on a good path now but there were times which I'd gladly erase from my memory.

Here are illustrations to the book I wasn't able to finish (and lost the whole gig) due to total lack of control over the way my brain works.

And I loved this book. Loved the stories and it hit me hard that I had to give up on them.

Finished+almost finished illustrations:


Mermaid sneakers

Last year sneakers got so worn out I had to throw them away. Which wasn't a pity because they were plain(!!!) anyway. If I remember right I bought them right before going on a vacation and didn't have time to decorate them (with cats and stars, of course).

This year though, I had time!

Process was the same as in the previous sneakers I've made (here and here). But if you need a step-by-step, you can find it here too (*^v^*)

 I've been in the mermaid universe for some time now. Right now I'm even deeper in it *sinking lower and lower*


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